Stephen Sanger

Contact Lens Specialist
Hon. B.SC, M.O.C.L.A, R.O.
Lic. #1204

COVID-19 Protocol

Dear Patients:
We have reopened our practice and will maintain the following transitional protocol for office visits:
1. Our appointments will be booked one half hour to one hour apart in order to maintain distance protocols.
2. Verbal screening at booking.
3. Client arrives at allotted time, on their own, unless support is required.
4. Clients and staff will wear masks at all times.
5. Hands sterilized upon entry (no gloves please).
If you need replacement lenses please call 416.445.4738. We will ship them directly to you or they can be picked up at our office.
Warmest wishes,
Stephen and Samantha


Stephen Sanger

Stephen Sanger comes from a family tradition of contact lens fitting which began in 1959 with his father Frederick J. Sanger. Frederick was a recognized authority in his field, being on the staff of the Toronto Western Hospital as a Contact Lens Consultant, and aiding in research into corneal implants at the Banting Institute.

Stephen Sanger has been specializing in the fitting of contact lenses since 1981. Stephen has written articles for ophthalmic journals, lectured, taught the art/science of contact lens fitting, set examinations and courses, and has been instrumental in continuous education in the contact lens field Canada wide. Over the last 39 years Stephen has mentored many students in this field. Stephen is passionate about his work, staying in touch with the latest developments and contact lens designs.

Contact Lenses for Advanced Fittings Specializing in:

Keratoconus – Post Operative Keratoplasty – Dry Eyes – Bifocals – High Astigmatism – Cosmetic Lenses for Corneal Trauma

Areas of Practice

Our promise - we will fit the best contact lens design which delivers optimum comfort and visual acuity while maintaining the best physiological response.


S. Ansari M.Sc

Having keratoconus my eye condition was deteriorating, being from London England I was looking for a Contact Lens Specialist in Toronto that could understand both my medical condition & anxiety for managing it. At Stephen Sanger’s I was treated like royalty, not only did I have great fitting lenses but after seven years of failed attempts (by previous Optometrists) a post corneal graft, Stephen fitted my left eye with a state-of-the-art scleral contact lens giving a perfect 20/20 vision!! Something I had given-up hope on. Stephen is more than any health professional I’ve ever visited, he’s knowledgeable, compassionate and genuinely concerned with improving your vision, something only few Professionals focus on! I am grateful to him and his team for taking me on as a patient and endeavour to keep this relationship going for years to come! Thank you for improving the quality of my vision and taking great care of me

Diane Russell

Quite near-sighted with an astigmatism from birth, my childhood experiences were limited by the myriad challenges of wearing heavy glasses. At the age of 15, after saving minimum wages, I embarked on the quest of the better vision without glasses promised by contact lenses. I had the very good fortune of referral to Stephen Sanger. After an initial wear adjustment, I could finally see the world like others with perfect eyesight and no glasses! I fully recall my elation and deep gratitude! Here we are 40 years later and I continue to experience great contact lens vision correction from Stephen Sanger and his staff! Despite my many provincial relocations involving extensive travel at times, I have always remained loyal to Stephen Sanger's very affordable, reliable care and expertise to address my changing eyes. A sincere heart-felt thank you, Stephen, to you and your staff, for your dedicated care that has enabled my clear vision with excellent contact lens service for a life-time!


THE EXTRA MILE Your Father Fred, went way beyond the extra mile. I cherish those memories shared with him. It’s only right that I refer to the hierarchy of seniority: therefore, John went that extra mile many times over the years. Dave also is superb and is up there with your Father and John. That leaves you Stephen whom I hold in the highest esteem. I’ve been so blessed being under the excellent care of the Sanger family for over fifty years. Your Father was the absolute BEST, such a kind, caring, competent human being. You all have followed in his footsteps reflecting those very same characteristics. Thank you for all the years of your dedication & devotion to me and your patients. With much gratitude & appreciation.


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